Cooking and Fighting

Another couple of exciting days at this end… much to tell!

Yesteday Claire and I went on a full day Thai cookery course at the first ever cookery school in Chiang Mai – what a great experience! We learnt how to cook Pad Thai (thai style flat noodles), Massaman Curry, Chicken with Cashew nuts, Spring Rolls, Hot and Sour Soup and Caramelised Bananas – Yum!!! 

The day started with a great tour around the market, learning about all the ingredients, what to buy- how to recognise the right things etc, then headed out to the kitchen to start prepping the food! Then it was “Prep, Cook, Eat and Repeat!” 7 courses in total 🙂 by the end of the day we were literally fit to burst – but in the best possible way. Luckily we were also given a recipe and cook book to remind us of the details when we get home – definitely needed as both my stomach and brain was full!!

This morning I was picked up at 7.30 and headed off to my Muai Thai lesson (all morning!!!) And man alive – what a great experience!!! It was a 4 hour gruelling session where I was really put through my paces together with 3 other guys (2 Americans and one Dutchman)…

A mix of skipping, jumping on tyres, bag work, shadow boxing, kicking drills, pad work in the ring and much much more! At the end of the session as I crashed out in the centre of the ring the instructor told me I had to come back every day for 2 weeks “You good fighter, but no strong! (he meant I had rubbish fitness!) Come back, every day – 2 weeks, then you fight in Bangkok, Big Stadium”

I took this as a compliment and agreed, my cardio left a lot to be desired! Luckily I had the get out clause of a flight to Laos tomorrow lunchtime, otherwise I might have been tempted 🙂 So despite the pain and bucketloads of sweat I absolutely loved the training and getting in the in the ring and giving the pads a good thrashing – a great work out! I’m considering finding the local martial arts in every country possible and giving them a try – fighting my way around the world maybe (I feel another blog coming on!?), I’m really looking forward to learning Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple in a a couple of months – then a bit of Brazilian Ju Jitsu later in the year in Rio… Maybe even a bit of Capoera!?

Anyway – the skype is finally working and we’ve successfully connected back home, so will sign off for now and update again later

Love to all – S

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7 Responses to Cooking and Fighting

  1. Richard Buller says:

    Marvellous, Stefan. How about we four go round the world, righting wrongs while we sharpen our culinary skills?

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  3. Kerry Lee says:

    Stef – Pete used to do Kung Fu. So ask him about schools in China.

  4. Abdul Hussein says:

    Hey Stefan, Abdul here

    Sorry been major poor at following this but you’re in my favourites now. Love this and seeing all the amazing pictures and it’s making me major jealous! Wish I was there! Keep having loads of fun and live each day to its fullest mate, don’t miss any opportunities. Look forward to the future blogs updates.

    Look after youreselves


  5. Rob Manning says:

    What a great idea sampling the ‘local’ fighting systems! As a gesture you could show them some English wrestling moves as taught to us by Apollo!!
    Stay safe both of you.
    Carpe diem!

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