The Tongeriro Crossing

Said to be the best one day walks in NZ, possibly the world – our challenge for today was to complete the 20km route though the national park, over and around 3 volcanoes!
It was a 6-7 hour trek across mixed terrain, from simple flat boardwalks all the way to dangerous descents though very loose shale.

The weather wasn’t fantastic, so this meant that as we got higher up the volcanes we started to enter the clouds and loose the views, but nevertheless we were lucky enough to get a few quick pics as the patches in the clouds revealed emerald green lakes in the craters or panoramic views across the national park.

A spectacular view from one of the boardwalks… This was used as Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings!

(check out the “path” which weaves down the volcano… Most people went down on their bum, either by choice or not!)

At exactly half way we’d made good times had the option to make a summit attempt on Mt Tarinaki…. Never being one to pass up a challenge, Claire an I joined three others (Stephen, Ceris and Ben) who broke off to head up!
Half an hour later we enjoyed celebratory photos followed by lunch at the summit, before making the long journey down.

So was it the best one day walk in the world, perhaps not, but it was a great day nevertheless and one to celebrate that evening over a cold beer – for rehydration purposes of course!

Tomorrow we sadly leave the stray group and make our own way north, via Auckland an into Whengerei, where in just a couple of days (Sunday), we’ll be diving again!

More to come soon…. Until then, love to all
Stefan and Claire

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