Leaving New Zealand

Hola from Chile Everyone!

Yes time has flown by and we’ve made the long journey from NZ to South America…. You’ll notice a flurry of blogs which appeared as we go from pants/expensive internet through to free uberhigh-speed wifi here in South America (who’da thought!).
So first things first… as we left it last we’d completed the big trek and had left our Stray mates to do our own thing for the last few days. We caught a coach up via Auckland to Whengerei so that we could go diving at the Poor Knights Islands near Tutukaka.
The Poor Knights are world famous and said to be one of the top 10 dives in the world (according to Jaques Cousteau and a plethora of international diving magazines) so I was naturally pretty excited! Claire on the other hand was a little apprehensive, having got used to the tropical waters around Asia and the Great Barrier Reef the thought of jumping into subtropical water (around 17 degrees) wasn’t too appealing!
Nevertheless, we joined the team at “Dive! Tutukaka” early doors and after getting kitted out with all the gear we headed out for the 45 min boat ride to the Poor Knights islands. We were really lucky that the ocean was really flat with virtually no swell, which meant that we were able to access dive sites which others hadn’t been able to get to for quite a while.
The dives themselves were really cool, with huge underwater kelp forests, walls covered in sponges, soft coral and nudibranch. The marine life was different to what we’d been used to seeing, with a mix of fish which’d washed down the EAC (east australian current dude) and the cooler water fish which are indigenous to the rest of NZ, so things like snapper, kingfish, wrasses etc there were also some of the cooler stuff to see like huge sting rays and different type of moray eels. Here, check out a few photos which we captured…

Our dive boat for the day

Kitted up in our 2 x 7mm thick wet suits, with hoods, booties the lot…. surely this would keep us warm!

A huuuuge Eagle ray – amazing!

A cool Moray Eel…. looking menacing as they always do!

Cute little nudibranch (sea slugs)

A great day all round!! After this we headed north one last time for a day at the bay of islands, a beautiful area up in the far north. The area itself was very chilled out so we took our time strolling round the small shops, taking the little ferry from one side of the bay to the other and generally soaking up the sunshine by the sea. A nice peaceful and relaxed way to finish off our action packed month in NZ!

As I said, we then made the eleven and a half hour flight across the water to South America, literally travelling back in time as we crossed the international date line…. (leaving at 4pm and arriving at 11am the same day!) very weird.
As you’d expect South America is very very different to anything we’ve experienced so far on our trip, we’re already on our second city and are starting to settle into the way of life here…. but you’ll have to wait for the next instalment to hear more about it!

Until then love to all back home & hasta luego!
Stefan and Claire

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2 Responses to Leaving New Zealand

  1. Anna Lucas says:

    Hi ya
    Looks like you’re having an amazing time, enjoying the blog…. its snowing here, aobut 10cm at the moment…. its absolutely freezing, enjoy warmer climates
    miss ya
    love Anna & Mark

  2. ange says:

    GLad u made the journey safely guys and u had fun in nz, does this mean ur actually a day older than we think now?! This is the bit of part 2 of ur travels I’m really looking forward to-can’t wait to read all about it. Have fun and stay safe love ya millions Xxx
    PS don’t forget if ur heading into patagonia,Ross parents have gd info and recommendations-don’t worry about their age, they’re norm oldest by about 30yrs!

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